Is a serious provider?

In 2017, almost 50 billion euros in e-commerce sales were made in Germany, while online stores should continue to rise in 2018 ( source ). A small and rather inconspicuous online shop we are, if you then see our sales as a small piece of the puzzle of the whole, we are virtually absent. Nevertheless, we can score in terms of security, transparency and trustworthiness. We also offer secure payment options like other large online shops, which are already a bigger piece of the puzzle. Also, their data is just as ” Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure“secured, if not even safer, because we do not pass on your data to third parties or you do not continue to overload with advertising after leaving our shop, but what distinguishes us from the many other online stores is the nature of the products, because we sell no material Items, goods or other.With us you can only purchase digital products such as Instagram Follower or Instagram Likes.For these 4 points our shop is our offers:


  • 100% discretion and security
  • Fast and safe delivery
  • Individual customer care
  • 24/7 customer service


What is the quality of female followers?


The quality of female followers currently exceeds the actual standard. They are very realistic profiles, with either (90%) female profiles or (10%) profiles with content targeting a female audience such as a nail salon site. To the origin of the female profiles we can not give too exact information, they are predominantly Turkish profiles, this however depends on the ordered quantity. So, if you order 100 followers, it may happen that you are really only following Turkish women as followers, but it can also happen that there are 100 European women. However, we currently have no direct influence on that.


Followers with the gender “coincidental” correspond to the quality we recruited, which we would call the standard. Unfortunately, here we can not give precise information on the proportion of female or male profiles.


Is buying followers illegal?


With us you can buy Instagram followers, buy Instagram Likes or buy Instagram Views, which are services that are very discredited. Similarly, the legal question of the products is unclear, which scares many, but many forget the products, actions or how in this case services are not punishable in a legally unclear framework. One of, or even the most famous, example is watching movies on the internet which was not illegal until 2017. In a SPIEGEL ONLINE article dated 21.12.2017, media lawyer Christian Solmecke made a comment regarding the legality, which read: “according to the current legal situation, not to be considered unlawful” ( source ).


Why should I buy Instagram followers?


The social media are inevitable nowadays, just about everyone has an account, a profile or a page on various platforms. Due to the widespread use is no longer the question who has everything there an account, but how is this there. How many followers does her profile have? How many likes do you get on their posts? and many more points that may come up when you profile your profile from your friends, acquaintances or others.


Having a good online presence has become an important part of our lives. Getting more followers, likes or other things is not so easy. A fundamental beginning and the first important step towards a professional and serious profile are followers. A profile that many people follow is just much more attractive and interesting than a profile which almost no one follows!


But why buy real instagram followers when everyone realizes they are only bots and not real people? and here we come, into the “game”. Because we offer followers, which are equipped with a profile picture, a profile description and already uploaded posts. Our followers or profiles that follow them are qualitatively so high that a difference to other real persons hardly if not not recognizable will be.


Can I or my profile be blocked?


In the last 2 years we’ve been working in social media boosting, it has not even happened that a profile has been suspended because of too much increase in followers or the like. We are aware of the responsibility to maintain the security of your profile!

So if you buy high quality Instagram followers on, you can be sure of a very high quality standard. With us the followers are not directly lost again, also almost all profiles which follow them will have a profile picture, a profile description and mostly existing contributions.