E-Commerce: 10 tips to succeed in B2B e-commerce

B2B electronic commerce focuses on attracting a much more segmented and specialized public through long-lasting business relationships. Learn how to be successful in this type of e-commerce with these 10 useful tips.

In e-commerce, the B2B (Business to Business) concept is used to define transactions between two companies. When targeting a more specific customer, the challenges and strategies often differ with respect to the well-known B2C e-commerce (from Business to Customer). To achieve success with a B2B electronic business model, it is important to take into account the following tips:

1) Know your audience

Communication is very important when you address a specific audience. You must know very well what the interests of your customers are and what the most convenient channels to reach them are ecom inspector.

2) Optimize your portal

Transmitting order and professionalism is very important to the success of your B2B electronic commerce. Optimize the search engine so your customers can easily find what they are looking for and organize your catalog through categories.

3) Add relevant information of each product

Do not forget to include precise descriptions of each product, indicating technical specifications and valuable information that could influence the purchasing decision of your potential customers.

4) Make offers or promotions

Discounts, offers and promotions can be as useful in B2B commerce as in B2C.

5) Offers alternatives

According to the information of each client, you can offer recommendations or alternatives to certain products to improve quality or reduce costs.

6) Take advantage of E-Mail Marketing

E-Mail Marketing is usually very effective in this type of e-commerce, since it requires more direct communication with the client.

7) Choose the right social networks

As in the B2C trade, it is very important that your company has a presence in social networks. However, the same social networks are not equally useful for both cases. In B2B e-commerce, networks such as LinkedIn are especially convenient to contact other companies and professionals in the field.

8) Offer valuable content

Improve the experience of your customers by offering valuable content that helps them choose the best products and solve any doubts they may have. You can do it by adding a blog to your e-commerce portal. This will also greatly contribute to the web positioning of your page.

9) Adapt your portal to other devices

The M-Commerce (Mobile Commerce) development opens many doors and entrepreneurs must ensure that their portals have perfect functionality in all types of devices.

10) Do not neglect customer service

One of the most important factors in B2B commerce is customer service. It implements an efficient and fast consumer service system, so that any doubt from the users is answered in the most complete way and in the shortest possible time.