New features in

As announced a couple of weeks ago, Microsoft released new features and enhancements to its popular email service including security updates, the ability to log in with any of the aliases you’ve created in your account and international domains. Keep reading and take a look to all these improvements that makes the experience even better.

Safety is a priority for Microsoft in its e-mail service, which is why Outlook is the only ones that offers a safe, private service, because Microsoft does not scans your messages to send advertising associated with your interest. Now, to increase the security level, you can make an optional two-step verification when logging into This new feature asks two parts of your personal information and a phone number or email address that you provided as information security. Once you’ve selected the two-step verificiation, even a stranger who has obtained the password couldn’t be able to access your email account. allows you to create multiple aliases on your same account, which serve as alternate email address with which you can receive messages in one place. Now you can login using any of these aliases.

Similarly, for users in other countries, offers new domains dedicated exclusively to each country. At the moment, there are 32 domains customizable for each country, so users from places like France, may have an address [email protected].

As you can see there are several new features in, which bind to the known advantages of this popular e-mail service, which promises to continue to innovate to become the market leader. And you, do you expect to join the big family of