Placing Your Feng Shui House

If you are thinking where to locate your feng shui house and you are lucky enough to be able to choose the land to build it then you should apply the feng shui principles when selecting your block. If you haven’t the luxury of choosing your own block don’t despair there are ways with feng shui that provides alternatives to offset anything that may not fit feng shui principles of house siting.

The ideal fenq shui site is said to be where the descending heaven qi meets the ascending earth qi. There is no hard and fast rule about the perfect site but there are some general conditions you can look for. Generally, half way up a hil facing the sun is considered a good location for your feng shui house because you will have a distance view and you will get cool summer breezes and warm winter ones.

The best feng shui house location is called the xue (shu). It incorporates an open space in the front, called the “bright hall” or ming tan, with four mythical animals or spirits around it. A spirit called the red bird provides the distant front view. Another the black tortoise is the hill at the back which provides protection. On the left is situated the azure dragon with the white tiger on the right. Ideally you should have a stream flowing across the front of the world of feng shui house site as water is regarded as a source of food and method of transportation. It is also believed that the heaven qi descends down the hill and is held back by the water.

All the above provides a protective armchair shape that can be applied not only to your feng shui house site, but to the feng shui of a particular room, where the chairs are placed so the backs are protected and there is an open space in front of you or your garden. At the rear of your garden can plant protective trees if there isn’t a hill. Being safe and secure is a large part of being happy.

The shape of your block of land plays an important part of the feng shui house. Symmetrical shapes are the best. An L shaped piece of land poses problems because it is incomplete and unbalanced. If this is the case you need to look at ways of balancing it.

A rectangular block of land that is wider at the northern and southern ends is considered to have the best shape for siting your feng shui house. If your block is not a true rectangle then it is better that the back be wider than the front. With feng Shui you will find there are several ways of balancing a block of land that is not an ideal feng shui shape. You should investigate the best ways for your particular block for your particular feng shui house.