Stanley J5C09 500 The Best Jump Starter With Air Compressor In The Market

There is no doubt at all that a car battery can be a lifesaver especially if become stranded in the road. Today, jump starter manufacturers have added extra features to their starters that will help with your car maintenance in varied situations. A jump started equipped with air compressor is the best for that. When looking for a good jump starter with air compressor consider Stanley J5C09 500.


The benefit of this best jump starter with air compressor is that it can be able to deliver 1000 battery amps and 500 amps when you attach the clamps and starting unit. If you mishandle it or attach wrong clamps there is an audio alarm that will alert you that the connection has not been done well and it is a must that you switch the clamps. The starter can power various types of machines like trucks, boats and cars. It is the best to use in case of an emergency.


Apart from its main function best jump starter with air compressor is equipped with auxiliary features that you will find them useful. The air compressor is good for your tires and will save you a lot of trips to the local dealers to pump air. Other amazing features in the starter include cigarette lighter, a handle that is comfortable and LED light. These features make it one of the best starters in the market.

The disadvantage of the starter is that it is heavy and needs an extension cord if you want to charge it.