Why storage is a key health and safety consideration

Ensuring that a business complies fully with all relevant health and safety legislation is a key consideration for all members of the workforce. Particularly in industrial environments, large numbers of accidents and incidents occur due to inappropriate storage of goods both in static conditions and also during transport. Ensuring employees have access to specialised storage equipment which is designed for awkward, heavy or hazardous loads can go a long way to reducing risk. Let’s take a look at some of the things to consider when choosing your storage options.SUPER 123 BOLTLESS SHELVING


Let the equipment take the strain


Scissor lift tables and order picking trolleys with steps allow goods to be at the right height for safe movement. Rather than items being placed awkwardly, perhaps resulting in an unexpected slip during transfer, equipment which enables lifting to take place at an optimal distance from the ground is essential for safe carrying and storage.


Bespoke transport storage


Cylinders and drums are frequently items which present particular storage challenges, as they are heavy, difficult to stack safely and prone to rolling and tipping due to their shape. Bespoke trolleys which enable cylindrical objects to be securely held in place during transit are essential in a range of environments, including hospitals, factories and laboratories. Not only does the right storage make the movement of goods safer, it also allows speedier conveyancing.


Built for durability and high performance


Solid joins, premium materials, pneumatic tires and ergonomically designed handles are common features on many high calibre storage trolleys and tables. Demonstrating superior build quality and consideration of end user comfort as well as load bearing capabilities, a well made piece of storage equipment will provide durable and reliable performance for many years.


Having the right storage options for the job is an important part of satisfying the requirements of any risk assessment. Any initial expenditure on high performance, professional storage trolleys and units is usually rapidly recouped through the increased employee productivity which the best equipment can bring, as well as ensuring workers are benefiting from a safe working environment.RETAIL SHELVING