How to sell your house quickly?

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You want to sell your home to buy bigger or to live in another region? Learn more about how to reduce the time to sell your home.


Sell ​​your house: the key steps to selling fast

The sale of a home is based on a succession of key steps, which the seller must know to apprehend not to be caught off guard. Estimation of real estate austin home buyers, visits, negotiation all things to know before putting your house on sale:


  • Sell ​​alone or go through an agency.
  • Make a precise description of your property.
  • Set the right price for your home.
  • Prepare your home for sale.
  • Negotiate and finalize the sale



Sell ​​alone or go through a real estate agency

Before you sell your home, you need to know if you want to hire a real estate professional or if you prefer to sell it on your own. If the sale between individuals allows the seller as the buyer to avoid paying agency fees, it should be borne in mind that a real estate sale requires time, motivation and knowledge (legislation, negotiation, etc.). So, how to sell your house quickly? Going through an agency! You will benefit from the expertise of a real estate professional, who knows the market and masters the entire sales process. As a result, the selling time of your house will be reduced. In addition, by going through an agency, you will have the choice between the exclusive mandate and the simple mandate. The simple mandate will allow you to entrust the sale of your home to several agencies, while the exclusive mandate assumes that the home will be sold exclusively by a single agency. Whatever the mandate chosen, it is usually signed for 3 months.


Make a precise description of your home

Before you make the announcement of your property, it is strongly recommended to look for the title of ownership signed during its acquisition. In addition to being required by the notary, it allows to find some elements and characteristics of the property (surface, number of rooms, location, etc.). This description will help to better write the announcement and highlight the assets of your home, to succeed in selling it quickly. In addition, if the indication of the living space of a house is not mandatory, it is strongly recommended to specify it in the announcement, for the sake of transparency. In principle it is the useful surface which is indicated to express the surface of a house. It takes into account the number of rooms, the floors, the basement, the cellar, etc. The location of the property is also essential. This is to emphasize the points of interest located near the property: shops, schools, train station, etc.


Set a realistic price to reduce the time to sell your home

To position well the price of one’s house on the real estate market is essential because it will allow selling it in the best conditions. However, for an individual, it is not easy to estimate real estate at its fair value. Indeed, this step requires to have advanced knowledge of the local real estate market, that is to say the prices applied according to different criteria: geographical location, layout, year of construction, etc. In addition, homeowners often tend to overestimate the price of their property relative to emotional or economic factors. It is therefore strongly advised to use a real estate professional (agent, expert or notary) to estimate the selling price.from his house. Note that the price displayed in the ad must be slightly higher than the price set by the professional. Then, if the property does not find quickly taker, it will always be possible to lower the price.


Prepare your house for visits

The day of their visit, potential buyers of real estate must be able to project into it. It is therefore essential to promote housing and emphasize its strengths for successful sales. For that, to carry out big works is not necessarily a good solution, because they will be hardly absorbed in the selling price. By cons, some arrangements of “home staging Can be helpful. This is primarily to restore the house in good condition and up to date before visits. This includes storing and cleaning the dwelling to make it more spacious, depersonalizing it to the maximum so that potential buyers can protect themselves more easily, or repainting stained walls, repairing faulty receptacles, a wobbly cabinet, etc. Note that these services are often offered by real estate agencies.


Negotiate and finalize the sale of your house

Your house has caught the eye of a visitor? It will now be necessary to negotiate. Indeed, if the seller cannot refuse to sell at the price indicated in the ad, this case is rather rare. The offer of purchase (written or oral) is often lower than the price displayed and the seller can therefore absolutely refuse or negotiate. Once you have responded favorably to a written offer, you will be bound to sell at that price, unless there are any points of disagreement as to the formalities of the sale. It is the legal and regulated part (pre-contract, authentic deed) that finalizes the sale operation of a house. The preliminary contract (or sales agreement) fixes the agreement of the seller and the buyer on the nature of the good sold the price and the conditions of the sale. Note that the only mandatory suspensive condition is obtaining a loan. Subsequently, the signature of the authentic deed, which must obligatorily be done at the notary’s, will finalize the sale.