It is important that when making the decision to take a stairlift for your home or property, take considerations that support your purchase and also protect a considerable investment of money in a physical need in order to improve the quality of life of one of the members of a family or of those who visit your property (MONTASCALE PER ANZIANI).

Here are some tips that can help you choose a stairlift more safely:

  • Analyze which types of stairlifts there are: Mainly divided into straight and curved. If they can be used inside or outside the house. If they have standing seats, automatic seats, narrower seats for stairs that require it. It is also important to highlight the possibility of folding rail when the space at the bottom is reduced.
  • Installation: Review the elements that include the installation process such as rails, battery, folding seat, platform, electronic system. And also, detail how long the process lasts.
  • Safety measures: Confirm that the stair lift chair has all the necessary safety measures: belt, mechanical brake in case of breakdowns, safety edges and sensors, turning the chair on the upper part to get off and on, simple controls.
  • Check the price of the stairlift: The final price must include sales tax, installation and transportation.
  • Maintenance and technical service: It is advisable to prevent the maintenance of the installation, at least once a year, so you could prepare by creating a contact for this work.
  • Specifications: Do not hesitate to request every detail of the stairlift; all the characteristics, measures and technical specifications, that assure you that it is the right equipment to cover your needs.