What is fiber optics?

The optical fiber is a transmission medium, commonly used in data networking and telecommunications , consisting of a very thin thread of a transparent material, glass or plastic materials, by which light pulses representing the data to be transmitted are sent.

As we said, fibers are widely used in telecommunications, since they allow sending large amounts of data over a long distance , with speeds similar to those of the radio and higher than those of a fiber optic cable supplier. They are the most advanced cable transmission medium , being immune to electromagnetic interference, and are also used for local networks where the advantages of optical fiber over other transmission media need to be exploited.


And now you will wonder what advantages fiber optic has in your day to day life :


– You will download and upload Internet content at high speed . In Aragón , with optical fiber Embou Másmovil you can download your favorite movies and videos or upload your files at least 10 times more quickly than with ADSL forever.


A very illustrative example of this is the content download time; a movie of approximately 2 gigs in size would take less than 10 minutes to download.


– You can connect several devices at once (PC’s, consoles, TV’s, …) without losing speed . What’s more, you can watch TV in high definition without reducing the speed of your Internet connection.


– You will turn your home into an HD home and enjoy: calls (conversations warmer and closer, no noise), music and streaming content all HD. In this way, an authentic HD experience is only possible with fiber optic cable price.