More success with Instagram – the most important tips

The photo platform Instagram continues to enjoy great popularity. More and more new users discover the social network for themselves and use the opportunity to post pictures and buy instagram comments. Everyone wants to be successful with their account. But what does actually have success on Instagram? This means that you want to get a lot of likes and followers for yourself. What do successful Instagramers do differently than others? There are some important tips to keep in mind to get more attention for your photos.


The profile

If you re-register on Instagram, the following information is required:


– Mobile number or

– E-mail address

– Full name

– A self-chosen user name

– The password


If you are already active on Facebook, you can alternatively log in via the Facebook account. When choosing a username, it is important to choose a nickname that others can easily remember. The profile name will be visible to future followers. The more recognizable the name has, the sooner other users will visit their own account again and again.


Stay true to his line

Whether you write or photograph texts, everyone has their own style. One should remain faithful to this line in any case. This applies to the type of photos as well as comments. Many Instagramer are not only active on this platform, but operate their own blog or post on Facebook. It always pays off to connect the Instagram account with other social networks. For example, the Facebook friends then get insight into photo series. Whether you specialize in landscape photography, food art or portraits, only those who offer the viewer added value will be successful in the long term.


Score with hashtags

Hashtags are keywords that start with #. It is important to choose exactly those hashtags that on the one hand match the motif, on the other hand address exactly the target group that you want to reach. It is important to find the right balance. If one chooses too many bland keywords, even great pictures are overlooked. If the terms are too specific, only a small group of people may click on the image. Some of the most popular hashtags include:







Tips for more likes

Anyone who always works on their own photos will hardly get any more publicity. You have to become active in order to score points in social networks. This includes visiting even other accounts on Instagram and attracting attention with meaningful comments. Likes are also available for purchase. Who buy Instagram Likes, is looking for a dedicated website. It does not take much effort to acquire Likes for a fee. Just enter an e-mail address and the URL of the Instagram account. There are many different packages on offer. For a few euros you get for example 500 followers and 250 likes as well as some comments. Payment is usually made via PayPal. One to two business days after receipt of the payment, the ordered likes and followers are already visible on the Instagram account. Anyone who decides to buy Likes should always choose a reasonable number of new “friends”. If you had hardly any likes and followers, you should not order a package with several 1,000 likes. This may not seem credible to other users.