Today I bring you good news: there are many ways to succeed on Instagram without having the ass of Kim Kardashian. You can stop doing crazy squats, rest your buttocks for a while and take pencil and paper to write down the 5 keys for bloggers, entrepreneurs and small businesses to commit on Instagram buyiglikes.com buy ig likes. We start!



The hidden side of the moon


Instagram is a relaxed social network and fast consumer. That’s why it’s the best place for professionals and businesses to show their more informal side. Making visible the person behind the professional through the everyday is one of the ingredients of the success recipe on Instagram.


Jessica Pérez ( @whoajess ) is an Orlando photographer who gets hooked every day to her Instagram with daily photos of her children, her house and face B of her work. He hardly shows the “official photos” of his sessions through this network and, nevertheless, I do not need to see them to know that I would hire her with my eyes closed.





There are 2 reasons why we become followers of corporate profiles: have a very specific interest in the field in which that business or professional has positioned itself as an expert or for mere entertainment. By its characteristics, Instagram is much more apt for the second. Make your followers have fun and you will be faithful.


Kelly Mindell and her partner, Studio DIY ( @studiodiy ), are the clear example of how to take advantage of all the possibilities offered by this social network to publicize your blog and your work. What initially began as a tool for dissemination has become the central element of your marketing strategy. The secret? Take it very seriously and very playfully in equal parts. This couple reserves a space in their weekly agenda to do scheduled photo sessions (costumes, props, locations …) and post them on Instagram in a constant and dosed way. In this way they manage to be always present, with photos that are so fun, fresh and well executed. Fun is assured!



Show what you do without self-promotion


Often businesses tend to confuse Instagram with a bulletin board. Big mistake! Nobody likes to be continually bombarded with advertising from a company. Doing this is underestimating the possibilities of a network that allows you to build a much stronger and closer relationship with your followers.


Héctor Campoy ( @hectormerienda ) is a graphic designer from Valencia. In his Instagram account his creativity and his ability for composition are more than demonstrated without bombings or direct references to his profession.





The use of color to favor the purchase / stay in a place has not been born with Instagram. For decades, experts in visual merchandising have recommended, for example, organizing clothes racks in clothing stores by color, so that potential buyers perceive a sense of order and tranquility that makes them stay there as long as possible (more time, more chances that they end up buying). In addition, they advise that the different points of color be distributed strategically, so that these tones keep a certain harmony and communicate well with each other. Combining colors intelligently and effectively works the same way on Instagram.


María Marie (@cestmaria) is a Mexican photographer who has made her Instagram gallery an authentic delight by playing wisely with color. Impossible to see a single photo!



Be true to a style


This last recommendation is intimately linked with the previous point: the sense of order is fundamental for a person to want to stay in a space as long as possible, regardless of whether it is a physical store, virtual or an Instagram gallery with which we empathize with our followers. An excellent way to maintain this visual order is through style. Defining a style and being faithful in each of the photos will also allow us to identify ourselves quickly and ensure that our brand message arrives sooner and better.


Minimalism and white color are the main protagonists of the Instagram gallery of Ham & Hennes (@hamhennes).


Probably, now you will be thinking that all this is very good, but that you only have time to take a crazy photo from time to time and upload it while heating dinner in the microwave. The key is in the anticipation: you may only have time for that today, but you can plan small sessions at 2 weeks view with which to take photos for the next 15 days and leave them scheduled to be published automatically with the tool from which I spoke to you in this post. To the problems, solutions.