Attracting Money Into Your Feng Shui Home

I will discuss how to utilize two Feng Shui cures that will help attract more money into your home and, simultaneously, slow down the amount of money that is flowing out of your home.

In order to achieve this goal, we will take a look at two well known Feng Shui symbols: The Feng Shui frog and the Feng Shui turtle. These symbols have to do with Feng Shui wealth and are associated with the Feng Shui money aspect of your living environment.

Frogs symbolize the leaping effect of money coming into your life and, in this case, your home. Ideally, Feng Shui frogs should be placed outside of your home. A Feng Shui home will usually have frogs located somewhere in front of the house or apartment. I like to place 3 frogs on the front lawn, several feet apart.

The most important aspect to placing these powerful Feng Shui cures and Feng Shui symbols is to make sure the frogs are leaping towards the house. The backs of Feng Shui wofs. com should face the street and the heads of the frogs should face the front of the house. In addition, one of the three frogs should wind up facing the front door. Simply make sure the third frog has its back to the curb and its head is facing your homes’ front door. The arrangement of the frogs symbolizes Feng Shui wealth leaping in through the front door and into your home. If we decide to add a water feature to our arrangement of frogs, we will multiply the Feng Shui effect and create a very positive and powerful flow of Chi towards the house.

The Feng Shui symbol of the turtle represents the slow moving energy of wealth leaving the household. Since turtles move slowly and frogs leap fast, the connection is easy to make. I know some of you are probably thinking, “Hmm… Maybe I can use frogs and turtles to get my needs met in other areas of my life, such as a Feng Shui relationship or faster or slower Feng Shui sex?” Well…at least I have you thinking about Feng Shui symbols and how they relate to your everyday life. Unfortunately, these particular symbols work best for attracting and maintaining wealth.

O.K. now that I have you back in focus and on the task at hand, let’s discuss how and where to utilize Feng Shui wealth symbol number two: The Turtle.

All turtles should be placed in the rear of the house or apartment. Patios, decks or yards are totally acceptable places for your team of turtles. Try placing three turtles with their backs facing the house. The heads of the turtles should be facing away from the house the eyes should not be looking at the house, deck, patio or yard. Also, if you want to boost the effectiveness of the turtles, paint four small red dots on the back of each turtle. Red is a powerful Feng Shui wealth color.

If you go to a garden shop you will find frogs and turtles that can withstand various weather conditions in your area.