Benefits of listening to Yoga Music

Yoga can be termed as a scientific system of physical and mental practices, that help a human being to gain emotional stability and clarity of mind. Yoga refers to a spiritual discipline that focuses on the development and maintenance of the natural balance between the mind, body and the soul. It helps an individual to achieve the highest potential and thus guides him to experience a healthy and blissful life. Practicing yoga through set of body movements, different postures, relaxation and meditation, establishes a balance between the mind, body and the spirit. There are many styles and patterns of yoga like Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Viniyoga, Kundalini Yoga, etc. Each of the styles are different ways of achieving the same divine goal which is better health and understanding of the self. Yoga connects the practitioner to the supreme or the ultimate creator and the individual attains the knowledge of spiritual insight Piano Lessons Colorado Springs.

Since ages, music and yoga practice have been inseparable. Music was used in yogic training since time immemorial. Every tone and sound of the music have a particular effect on the human energy system. Music inhibit the wandering mind, lifts up the spirit, soothes and relaxes the body. Music is used to express as well as induce different states of mind like moods, feelings, impressions and thoughts. Just like Yoga, music and sounds have the power to influence and change many bodily and mental aspects and processes in a human being. Music, coupled with tone and rhythm, are highly energetic and they have strong effect on the mind. Today, music is not only used for commercial purposes but also plays the role of soothing and calming the mind. Through Yoga Music and Mantras one can seek deep in the hidden aspects of their own being. Music relaxes the body and mind and essentially creates an apt background for practicing Asanas and Pranayama.

Meditation requires the mind to fix its focus on a single point. Creating an atmosphere that is peaceful, tranquil and calm is an utmost necessity. Meditation Music and Mantras tune the mind and soul and helps an individual to attain a spiritual insight and consciousness. These can invoke strong moods and influence the subtle energy fields to direct the consciousness towards higher realms. Music for meditation helps the practitioner to merge himself into a harmonious waking state. Meditation improves mental and physical health and relieves stress. Listening to music while meditating helps one to concentrate, withdrawing all attentions from other worldly thoughts. The sounds of bells or gongs will subtly influence the nervous systems and the energetic frequencies evolving from these music are ideal for practicing meditation.

Yoga music is soothing and relaxing. With people deriving more and more benefits from the yoga practices, the yoga music is also gaining immense popularity. Yoga Music balances the mind and prevent the mind from getting distracted. Today, many companies offer Yoga DVDs and CDs and Spirit Voyage is one of them. Spirit Voyage is one of the renowned record label company, represented by several artistes who have a deep spiritual connection with their music. The different Yoga DVDs and Cds offered by Spirit Voyage contains hymns and chants that are intensely accelerating and intensifying. Spiritual chants and pieces by artistes like Snatam Kaur, Dev Suroop Kaur Khalsa, Deva Premal, Guru Shabad Singh Khalsa, Bachan Kaur, Wah will guide the listener to reach a state of enlightenment. These chants and music shall have a direct influence on the individual’s body and his/her physiology. The Yoga Music shall create a peaceful ambiance and thus shall help to relax the mind and the body of the individual and will enhance his/her ability to concentrate and meditate. Choose from the Kundalini Yoga Music CDs, General Yoga Music DVDs, Sanskrit Mantra collection, New Age Celtic Music, Buddhist chants and many more and help yourself to connect to the higher spheres of spirituality and holiness. Elevate your mind through Bhakti and religious music or Meditation Music offered by Spirit Voyage.

Spirit Voyage is also engaged in offering different kinds of Yoga accessories like yoga rugs, yoga mats, yoga cushions, malas and jewelries. Yoga books for Kundalini Yoga, books on general Yoga, Health and Wellness Books are also available which contain in-depth instruction, information and images to practice yoga with utmost perfection. Spirit Voyage, with these collection of yoga Cds and DVDs, books, yoga clothing and accessories aims to infuse devotional thoughts within an individual and let him/her experience the bliss and delight to sooth his/her inner self.

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