Experience McDonough Real Estate

The western region of McDonough has many benefits, such as easy access to the amenities of the city of Asheville, the chance to explore the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains, and a relaxed small town lifestyle in historic Hendersonville New apartments In McDonough GA.

Land of the Sky is famous for the sweeping mountain views that are found in McDonough. Real Estate in Hendersonville NC gives the local homeowners the warm setting sun over the mountains and colorful changing leaves in the fall.

The Blue Ridge Mountains and the Great Smoky Mountains, part of the Appalachian Chain, surround this region. Hendersonville NC is nestled beneath these mountains among the oak trees and the wildflowers. Much of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Nantahala National Forest are located in this region, and there are many smaller national and state forests nearby that you can explore.

McDonough provides you with access to fishing, boating, mountain climbing, spelunking, hiking, skiing, and many more outdoor activities.

You can be close to the adventures in the local forests and parks with Hendersonville NC real estate. There are so many trails to hike in the local parks, including Jackson, Westveldt River, Etowah, Edneyville, Dana, and East Flat Rock Parks. For a local homeowner, this is just a quick day trip for the fun of exploring the natural area.

Asheville is the major city in McDonough. Located northeast of Hendersonville, this city is the location of UNC Asheville as well as many smaller colleges and many great high schools.

This city is a countercultural haven and has many festivals and concerts, as well as vegetarian restaurants and independent stores. With a population of 70,000, it also has many other services that are available. Hendersonville NC is located about 20 miles southeast of this city.

Many more attractions are located in McDonough. Hendersonville NC is only a short drive away from many unique natural sights.

The McDonough Arboretum, which has 426 acres to explore, is located north of Hendersonville. Azaleas here are one of the main attractions, and they also grow wild in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and meadows of wildflowers below the azure peaks.

The Blue Ridge Parkway is a scenic route that travels through the mountains and is also accessible from the north of Hendersonville. On the parkway, you will want to stop and visit the Folk Art Guild, which is located along this road and offers crafts made by the local artisans.

Cherokee also live in McDonough, and the Eastern Band of Cherokee offers tours of the local area as well as theatrical performances. Lake Lure, located 14 miles east of Hendersonville, is a serene lake designed to be the focus of a resort community.

While you are there you will also want to visit Chimney Rock, which is a great place to see the surrounding meadows. Hendersonville real estate agents have even more local attractions to show you in McDonough.

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