Get Private Mortgage Insurance

Buying a house doesn’t have to be as impossible as it seems. Traditionally, the criteria for buying a house has boiled down to three things: your credit rating, income, and a down payment. The common belief among most hopeful home buyers is that they have to meet all three criteria to buy a house. That is to say that the buyer must have a good credit rating, substantial income level, and have savings for a down payment on a house. This common belief is not necessarily the case anymore. For the most part, anyone that meets two of the three criteria is qualified to buy a house today Mortgage London Ontario.

As you might have guessed, to get the best mortgage rates, you will need to meet all three of the requirements. If you don’t meet these criteria, you can still buy a house, you just won’t receive as good of a mortgage rate as your neighbor down the road who has squeaky clean credit, a good job, and money for a down payment. In lending to consumers that only meet two of the three criteria, mortgage lenders are able to mitigate their risk by increasing the interest rates or by ensuring the buyer has private mortgage insurance.

Private Mortgage Insurance is an interesting new insurance instrument that helps many first time home buyers qualify for a mortgage loan. When you purchase private mortgage insurance you pay a premium, and in return the provider of the private mortgage insurance agrees to back your mortgage loan. If for some reason you are unable to meet the mortgage payments, the mortgage lender will foreclose on your house and liquidate the asset into cash. Should the sale of the house not bring in enough cash to cover the remaining balance of the mortgage loan, the private mortgage insurance provider will cover the difference.

Thus private mortgage insurance helps you get the mortgage loan you are seeking and the bank will fill more comfortable since much of the default risk on the loan is eliminated due to the private mortgage insurance. In other words, should the mortgage lender have to foreclose on the home, they will get the money due to them one way or another, whether it be entirely through the sale of the house or should it involve collecting from the private mortgage insurance provider.

As a potential home buyer, the details of a private mortgage insurance shouldn’t concern you too much. The most important thing to remember is that private mortgage insurance helps you get around the requirement of having a down payment. You will of course pay a premium for having private mortgage insurance, but most view this expense as well worth it when they consider how long it would take to save up enough to make a substantial down payment.

If you are interested in buying a home and don’t think you qualify, ask your lender what your options are. Besides private mortgage insurance, there are other ways to help you qualify for mortgage loan so you can finally move into a house and start building your own equity. For instance, a piggy back loan might help you meet the requirements for a mortgage. Now that you know you have more options than you thought, do some more research and figure out what will work best for your situation.

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