How to get more followers on your Facebook profile: 10 practical tips

Your company is on Facebook, okay, but what do we do now? You can’t sit back and watch what happens, you have to make things happen and in social networks the crux is in conversation 2.0. Here are some suggestions to get followers on your Facebook profile visit this website. Remember that the “secret” of social networks is to be accessible behind the computer screen, so that people feel a “humanization” of that client-company relationship.

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Follow these 10 tips to get followers on your Facebook profile.

1. Offer some type of discount to Facebook users
You have a small community that has given you their time and energy, give something back to them. For example: followers who interact the most with your profile can get a discount voucher or a gift voucher. Remember, you already have a client, be nice to him and he will surely return it by speaking well of you.

2. Keep the FAQ section alive.
When we design the website we always have a frequently asked questions section. And this section is barely updated, it is stopped. Take advantage of it, give it life. The vast majority of questions are usually the same, which is why there is the FAQ tab. Get your clients to ask you questions and answer them live. Your customers will see the friendly face of your company.

3. Host a mini contest (or big contest)
Almost always it is best to start little by little, giving small gifts and when you already know in depth how the participants interact. Or when there are more people connected, start giving more attractive gifts. Remember that you have to do it well, make a lot of noise and little by little. The downside to this is that if done wrong you will have the typical professional contestants every week.

4. Tips and Information
This is very sensible. Offer professional advice. The typical practical tricks, for example, for a tire company, advice on how to put on snow chains (this doesn’t work so well in summer, but in winter it’s a hit). It’s about promoting your articles without the duster being seen

5. Surveys
If you do them well, many people will respond and give you a lot of information. If you make them closed, with only 2 answers, for example, you will not take up the client’s time, and if you then raffle off a small something, people will participate. Of course, the survey has to be somewhat friendly to attract all types of clients.

6. The interactive gymkhana
Your clients have to search through all your material on Facebook. Have them look up the answer to a question they asked you or what day you updated your status. The best thing about this is that you can “crossover” with other product pages, to promote them a little, and they will do the same. You know, you are not alone in the network. It’s like social link building.

7. Make your new products or services known
Remember that you are a company and you are dedicated to selling products or services. Well, use this channel to promote them before they go on sale, offer discounts or simply search for information to see what your customers think.

8. Share information even from other clients
It may sound strange, but it can be beneficial. Share things that are cool, that are interesting, videos, articles, etc. Many times we forget that there is a market out there and that the consumer has the final say before purchasing. If you manage to speak honestly about his needs, and you are not always solely and exclusively selling your products, but rather you are responding to some needs, he will see you without suspicion. You may become a loyal customer for a long time.

9. Show the community, share your videos, images, stories
Make your community something alive. Share things about your clients. Imagine a shopping center and a girl has celebrated her birthday in it. Well, take photos and post them of how much fun they had. Many other mothers may see it and say, “Look, that’s a good idea, I want it too.”

10. Create a weekly discussion
Re-post old questions, or invite them to ask you questions during a weekly space. For example, for a Shopping Center it could be on Thursdays after lunch, when people are preparing for the weekend. You take advantage and tell them what special actions you are going to have that weekend, for example if clowns are coming, or if there is a concert, or if there are special offers, etc.

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