International Tax Attorneys

Taxes must be paid on the basis not just of income earned within the country, but also outside the national borders. The IRS has international tax laws that deal with such income and an international tax attorney will be able to give you the best possible information on international tax attorney. This will enable you to take advantage of legal exemptions and credits without the risk of committing tax fraud.

International tax attorneys act as advisors for anyone with sources of income outside the national border, from multinational organizations and US citizens living abroad, to US residents with property, assets, or businesses abroad.

International tax attorneys advise international business firms on issues like mergers, joint ventures, expansion, contracts, and leases. They negotiate on the basis of tax agreements between the US and other countries. They assist in structuring the company from a tax point of view.

For non-resident US citizens, international tax attorneys help secure certain exemptions from having to pay double income or property tax in form of a tax to the country of residence as well as to the IRS. They deal with issues of transfer pricing on tax, foreign estate laws, customs duty, and income tax laws. They also fight cases for US citizens charged with tax fraud abroad.

With more and more multinational firms expanding their businesses worldwide and the fluid world of e-commerce making borders redundant, business transactions between US and foreign firms have gone up, which brings the tax laws of many countries into play. The services of the international tax attorney are crucial for these companies.

Also, more US citizens are working and settling abroad and foreign citizens are choosing to own property in the US. This makes the assistance of an international tax attorney essential for not just big firms, but also ordinary citizens.

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