Who Is the Best Personal Trainer in the UK?

There are thousands of personal trainers based in the UK. Many are just average coaches who work in gyms to take a paycheck and are not particularly interested in progressing their careers or becoming better Matses.

Then there are those personal trainers who are relentlessly hunting down progress both with themselves and clients.

These trainers stand out from the crowd because they continuously pursue excellence and get better each year. The other key trait they share in common is ‘experience’ these coaches have been in the fitness industry for at least five years (and in many cases 10 years +). It’s the years of effort, experience, and dedication to becoming a master in their field that have made them the best coaches in the UK.

The best coaches in the United Kingdom have been selected based on the following areas:

Social media following
Business Success
Personal Achievements
In this post, I’m going to give you the top 5 best personal trainers in the UK and then I’ll tell you whose the best.

#1 Phil Graham – Life-Changing Coaching

Phil Graham is a successful businessman and now helps fellow personal trainers to build their own businesses. After having achieved hundreds of incredible body transformations himself with clients, and building both an impressive physique and business, he now mentors fellow coaches. Phil has made the list of one of the best personal trainers in the UK because he’s sharp, intelligent, passionate, and knows what he’s talking about. I would highly recommend following him on Instagram and listening to his podcast series – especially if you’re a personal trainer who wants to expand your face-to-face and online coaching practice.

#2 Mark Coles – M10 Fitness

Mark founded a business called M10 Fitness and has built an impressive physique, reputation, and personal training business. He stands out head and shoulders above most coaches in the fitness industry. He’s gotten hundreds of amazing results with clients and has built a powerful personal training team based in Nottingham called M10 Fitness. Alongside being a successful personal trainer, Mark is an equally successful businessman and has an excellent podcast series called ‘Mastery’. Mark Coles also mentors fellow personal trainers to help them become better coaches and better business people (something many personal trainers neglect.)

#3 Nick Mitchell – UP Fitness

Nick owns Ultimate Performance, a high-end personal training business based all over the world. He initially started in London and then expanded due to exceptional standards and a high level of results. Nick used to be a bodybuilder and is still in excellent shape. He now manages hundreds of trainers all over the world, and there’s no doubt that UP Fitness is one of the best personal training businesses not only in the UK but also in the world. Nick is also a fascinating person to follow on social media (particularly Instagram) – he shares his views and opinions on not only fitness but business and politics.

#4 Nick Screeton – LEP Fitness

Nick founded LEP Fitness, a personal training business located in the North of England (Sheffield). He started LEP Fitness back in 2012. Over the last eight years he’s business and reputation have grown enormously, and he has accumulated over 15,000 hours of coaching experience. Alongside having achieved some impressive results with his clients, he’s also a successful blogger and fitness writer. He has featured in high publications in both print and online articles for some of the UK’s leading fitness businesses. What makes Nick stand out from other PT’s is his understanding of psychology, which enables him to get results with clients in a matter of weeks.

#5 Jordan Peters – Trained By JP

If you want to compete in bodybuilding, then Jordan Peters is the person to hire. With an incredible physique, he knows his stuff just as much (if not more) than any bodybuilding coach in the world. Alongside being a successful coach, Jordan has a subscription site called TrainedByJP with thousands of members. His website discusses training, diet, supplements, and the taboo topics of bodybuilding that not many coaches are willing to discuss in public. Alongside Jordan’s coaching and great membership site, he also owns a supplement company which is growing into one of the most trusted and respectable brands in the UK supplement industry.


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