7 aspects to take into account when choosing your lawyer

Sometimes we encounter people who need the services of an employment lawyer but are not sure how to determine which one will best meet their needs. Of course, the budget is usually one of the determining elements when hiring a labor specialist legal separation lawyer.

However, we believe that it should not be the only criterion, so we offer you 7 tips that you should consider before choosing your lawyer.

1. The attorney-client relationship is based on trust
Remember that you must offer your labor lawyer all the information he needs so that he can adequately defend your interests. This information is protected by a duty of confidentiality. However, if you do not trust your lawyer, it would be best to look for another lawyer .

2. Experience will always work in your favor
As we have pointed out, the work environment is relatively flexible and case-by-case. In fact, labor disputes are more unpredictable than those resolved in civil proceedings, for example.

So, although it is not essential that you hire a veteran in the field, you will probably have greater guarantees of success if your lawyer has already won cases like yours .

3. Opt for specialized professionals
In the same sense, it is usually recommended that you seek advice from specialists in a subject. Although sometimes general lawyers are the best choice (for example, as primary advisors or to request second opinions), when defending a case it is usually advisable to leave it in the hands of someone who focuses on a single matter .

4. It is better to have a team support your employee
In general, it is recommended that a laborer have a work team . If you are going to claim issues related to work accidents, occupational diseases or prevention of occupational risks, it is best for your labor lawyer to have trusted experts. It will also be easier for you to defend complex cases if you have collaborators in your office.

5. Pay attention to your employment lawyer’s communication skills
As we have pointed out, in the field of labor law, negotiations are frequent, and attempts at conciliation are mandatory. So it is necessary for your lawyer to be a good negotiator to facilitate your claims.

6. Gather information about your lawyer’s career
Generally, if your lawyer is solvent and has experience, it will be relatively easy for you to find opinions from previous clients . There are directories on the Internet where you can consult this type of feedback .

7. Take care of communication with your lawyer
Healthy communication will be your best ally throughout the entire process. Keep in mind that your labor professional is going to be in charge of the technical issues, so your main concern should be to be informed of the progress of the process .

Make sure you are clear from the beginning how much your lawyer is going to charge for his services and, above all, ask for honest and realistic information about the progress of your matter.

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