How to enjoy a balanced dessert

We reveal the keys to enjoying a balanced dessert without feeling guilty. Apply these 8 tips and allow yourself these small occasional pleasures Freeze dried candy mystery box.

We cannot deny that eating is one of the great pleasures in life and even more so if it has to do with sugar. Desserts have always been a temptation for both children and adults, since it is impossible for us to resist a last spoonful or sweet slice even after feeling satisfied from enjoying a great banquet. For some inexplicable reason, our bodies always find room for dessert.


Our mouths water every time we think of something sweet, but these preparations have suffered a bad reputation due to their high fat and sugar content. They have even reached the point of being considered forbidden dishes among those who want to have a healthy diet. The good news is that, whether you have a sweet tooth or not, you can enjoy them guilt-free with balanced desserts. Learn 8 tips with Nestlé® Recipes to include in your menu and taste them without regret.

There is no exact definition or established parameters that can classify a dessert as balanced, but, in order not to get into arguments, we will say that it is a dish that is enjoyed in moderation and is composed of natural ingredients and low in sugars and fats.

With this note we do not intend to encourage or prohibit the consumption of desserts, but we only want to show that you can have a balanced diet without restricting yourself from our favorite foods, even if they have a high calorie, fat or sugar content. It’s all about the balance and variety of foods we include on our plate, taking into consideration fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, proteins, fats and even sugars.

Even if we have license to indulge in these little treats, let’s remember that the key is to enjoy them occasionally, without excess, in small portions. In addition, we must balance them with other ingredients that add nutritional value, all accompanied by constant physical activity.

Enter Nestlé® Recipes and discover practical recipe ideas that, in addition to being delicious, will do you good.

Along with the rise of social networks, many influencers have emerged who address the topic of balanced meals, but they often suggest sweet preparations that include unattractive ingredients; These ingredients scare more than one person when it comes to ordering a dessert. At Nestlé® Recipes we are in favor of the fact that eating should be a pleasurable act; For this reason, in case you are on days when your body is crying out for a sweet, we share 8 simple tips to calm that craving without regrets; We will make only small changes so that they become more balanced desserts.

Fruits, with their wide variety of flavors and textures, are an excellent option as a topping or decoration in balanced desserts, since they themselves have natural sugars, which, in most cases, sweeten the recipes without the need for add other sweeteners.

In addition to the delicious flavor they add to desserts, which combines perfectly with other ingredients, fruits provide our body with essential minerals and vitamins, so it is key to add them in different colors; The color is linked to the nutrients and phytochemicals they contain.

Recipes such as cakes, cookies, cupcakes and other baked desserts require the use of refined flours for their preparation. The most common is white wheat flour.

Find out in Nestlé Recipes other options with which you can prepare balanced desserts and include ingredients such as rye flour, oats, almonds, coconut, corn, spelled or buckwheat; Not only are these lower in calories, but some are also a great alternative for those who are gluten intolerant.

The charm of desserts lies in their delicious sweet flavor, which is why sugar is a fundamental ingredient in their preparation, but… it has empty calories, that is, beyond being a caloric source, it does not provide any nutrients. essential for our body, such as vitamins, minerals or fiber.

As we mentioned before, fruits have natural sugars, but, if when using them in balanced desserts, they still require them to be sweetened a little more, an excellent option is to use other substitutes for refined sugar, such as honey, maple syrup , coconut sugar or stevia. Use the option that you like the most, but always in the right measure.

Chocolate is another of the protagonists when preparing desserts, because, in addition to providing a delicious flavor, it also helps us decorate and make sweet dishes more attractive. When incorporating this ingredient, we will find that there are different types, and these will vary depending on their percentage of cocoa, sugar or butter.

The ideal chocolate for preparing balanced desserts is one that has 70% or more cocoa, since it has a more intense flavor as it is a less sweet option.

The charm of a dessert is in the delicious sensation that we discover in each bite; There we can find soft, gelatinous and crunchy textures at the same time. To create this amazing effect in balanced desserts, we must use natural ingredients, such as chia, poppy or sesame seeds, which, in addition to giving them a special touch, are ingredients that provide fiber.

Nuts have positioned themselves in the world of baking not only because they increase the nutritional value of cookies, brownies, ice creams and cakes, but because they are also key elements when decorating desserts; Almonds, hazelnuts, pine nuts and peanuts are very popular.

The world of sweets and pastries is very wide, and so are the ingredients required, with the use of milk and creams being necessary to give flavour, sweetness and texture. The good news is that there is no need to modify the recipe to have a delicious balanced dessert, since on the market we find many light products, which have the same consistency and flavor, but with less fat and sugar.

Generally, the expected moment of dessert comes as soon as the meal is finished, but it is recommended that it be after lunch and not dinner, since in this way we are giving the body enough time to spend those calories. before going to bed. If you consume it at night, it is very likely that your sweet dreams will turn into a nightmare because of this sweet tooth.

Even though it is our favorite and is prepared with light ingredients, low in fat and sugar, this does not mean that we have the freedom to eat as many times and as much as we want.

To have a balanced diet, the portions of the meals and each ingredient are key, so we share some tips about the portions that you should take into account in balanced desserts. If it is a cake, let it be a thin slice, no thicker than the phalanx of the index finger; if they are ice cream, jellies, mousses or flans, half a cup. Over time you will learn to control the portions of what you eat, and your body will get used to it and be satisfied with a couple of spoonfuls of sweets.

Remember that the secret to a balanced diet is to include a wide variety of ingredients in the menu, with the appropriate quantities, taking special care of the portions of fats and sugars. At Nestlé® Recipes we want you to enjoy the time of eating as a family; Therefore, make sure that dessert time is occasional and without excesses.

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