7 spiritual tips to improve your life in all aspects; I tried them and they work for this

How many times have you been able to be alone with yourself without thinking about your problems or chores? Most of the time we are doing one thing and thinking about another. The truth is that until a year ago I lived this way. Worrying about everything at every step, seeking control of things. The stress, along with the lifestyle I was leading, eventually caught up with me. After several periods of constant illness I was really fed up with my lifestyle. It was a strange thing, but by twists of fate, which I still find somewhat comical, I ended up going with a spiritual advisor. This person gave me 7 spiritual tips that, although at first they did not sound entirely logical, over time they have made an impressive sense in my life Matses.

You have to understand that I am not one of those esoteric people who walks through life with bracelets that ward off the evil eye. I actually consider myself a fairly rational person. Although I have been a very spiritual person since I was little, I must admit that until the arrival of this woman into my life I really began to feel that the weight on my shoulders was decreasing.

Disbelief was the first step of transformation

Surely, like you, I was a complete disbeliever of this lifestyle. It seemed like the most hippie thing in the universe to sit on the floor and repeat “ommm” as if nothing in the world would happen. I came to this person because a great friend chased me for more than half a year to get me to go to Reiki therapy . Tired of his insistence, and more out of curiosity than anything else, I attended therapy. I have to confess that after three therapy sessions I began to experience quite positive changes in my life in general. The therapist also gave me 7 spiritual tips that today have helped me impressively to improve my quality of life.

#1 Meditate every day

Meditation is a very difficult art for people who have never tried it. Leaving your mind blank is quite frustrating at first. However, it’s impressive how these small lapses help improve your day. After visualizing a goal daily or focusing on clearing your mind, your day seems clearer. With practice you improve and make space for periods in which your mind clears the fog and you begin to have a calmer life.

#2 Stop worrying about what you don’t have

Worrying more about your problems, debts or shortcomings only increases their power. That’s what they told me and that’s how I decided to stop doing it. When I first heard this advice I just thought about how hard it would be to stop thinking about debt . In the end it is money that you must pay in one way or another and money does not fall from trees. However, it made sense to me that by stopping thinking about the issue, the brain finds new solutions. When you stop worrying you relax and find much more creative solutions.

#3 Let things flow to give space for better things to come to you

So if you let things flow, everything turns out better. Remove that negativity from your mind and also take away the power of everything that troubles you . It’s actually amazing. I have never been so good after I understood and put these spiritual tips into practice. Of course, sometimes it becomes a bit difficult to do them 100%. Of course, I’m human and I often trip over the same stone more than twice.

#5 Be grateful every day

To the universe, to God or to your personal beliefs. Be grateful for everything you have and feel lucky. We are not aware of what we have until it is taken away from us. It is a good rule of life to not take for granted the things we have in our daily lives . When I adopted the habit of being grateful every day for what I have (being alive, being able to move, work, my house, and so on), I realized how fragile life can be. I noticed how the hours pass day by day and with them, we are angry for the things we would like to have. We waste a lot of time angry and complaining. Turn it around, don’t see the problem, LOOK FOR THE SOLUTION.

#6 When you are going through a complicated situation, find learning

We all have hard and very difficult times. When we face them, we rarely stop to ask ourselves, what can we learn from them? In the moment everything is stormy and angry, and we don’t ask why that happens to us. Spiritual advice goes far beyond daily life. Finally, if you are a spiritual person you will know that you come to this life not only to live, but to learn. So the contrast or the not so good things that you have on a daily basis happen to you precisely so that you can do it. When I took bad situations as a learning experience instead of a punishment, life not only got better, but it made a little more sense . Although the problem does not magically disappear, you do take away a good life lesson.

#7 Be the most important person in your life

The spiritual advisor asked me to focus my energies on my personal growth. I used to be one of those people who got angry because of other people’s bad work or their behavior. The reality is that I spent hours bothering myself over insignificant things, I detected a lot of what I didn’t like in others. Finally, and with a lot of work, I stopped being so critical. I stopped taking things so personally and let everyone do their thing. The weight on my shoulders lightened when I stopped noticing flaws and looked for the positive in other people.

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