The importance of charter flights for tourism

In the opinion column “A market with many options” published in the economics section of El Comercio, Mr. Carlos Gutiérrez, general manager of the Association of International Air Transport Companies ( AETAI ) highlighted, among other things, the importance of charter flights. for tourism and the great opportunity for these non-scheduled flights if our Peruvian team were to qualify for the 2014 Brazil Soccer World Cup بلیط تهران کیش.

As is known in the tourism sector, charter flights have the function of transporting people on vacation to specific tourist destinations where airlines do not arrive with their commercial flights or regular flights. These planes are chartered especially by travel agencies in collaboration with other companies related to the sector, who sell the packages until the quota is filled for the plane’s departure on the confirmed date and time.

This is more or less what a charter flight is ; In short, it is the private transportation of people on rented planes for special occasions.

According to the head of AETAI , the non-scheduled flight market offers endless options for airline companies that decide to bet on it.

“Charter flights serve to transport travelers to the interior of the country and also to take Peruvians abroad, for example to the Caribbean , where I know they have flown at some point – contracted by travel agencies – Copa Airlines , Avianca , Taca Airlines , among several. companies. Not to mention, by the way, the tourist packages that are made for shows or sporting events abroad .” The executive pointed out in his article published in El Comercio.

He also emphasized the case of Aerolíneas Argentinas and its presence with charter flights to where the gaucho team will play in the 2014 Brazil Soccer World Cup. “What happens with the Argentine soccer team serves to demonstrate that, when there is a important match, Aerolíneas Argentinas takes the professional team and its fans wherever it needs to go. And you have no doubt that, when the World Cup is held in Brazil , several airlines from different countries will organize charter flights to the host cities.”

And given the possibility that our Peruvian team could qualify for the World Cup, many opportunities would open up for the tourism sector with charter flights to the venues where the red and white team will play. “As for Peru, at the moment we know that neither LAN nor Taca land commercial flights in the Brazilian city of Recife, but what would happen if the Peruvian soccer team qualifies for the World Cup? Easy: TAM , LAN and TACA will organize charter flights to Recife and travel agencies will put together tourist packages that include watching the game and taking some tours of the city .” Gutiérrez finished.

What is AETAI?
According to the AETAI website, this is an association made up of legal entities that carry out regular and non-regular international air transportation services for passengers and/or cargo in Peru or that, not operating in Peru, sell on their own traffic forms. , air tickets and/or cargo freight on their routes and that are duly represented in Peru.

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