How Often Should You Clean And Service Blinds, Shutters And Curtains?

They provide functionality by giving control of light and privacy to the home owners, as well as so many other benefits such as providing insulation for the room whereby you can save quite a bit on your energy bills, as well as providing the necessary aesthetics to make your home look inviting and stylish. Most types of blinds and shutters in Sydney can be customized to suit the style and ambience of your home’s interior, since they come in an array of materials, colours and designs. So, it is very easy to match your new window coverings to your existing home design easily eco friendly curtains.

It is always important to keep your window treatments clean and well maintained if you want to use them for a long time, because neglect can damage the materials they are made from, and these damages may be beyond repair, causing you to replace them sooner than expected, which can be quite costly and an unnecessary expense. Certain types of window treatments can also gather a lot of dust, such as those homes that use curtains in Sydney, and this can be very bad for people who suffer from asthma and other types of respiratory illnesses and for those with allergies, hence keeping them clean and well maintained is a must. Blinds and shutters however, are best for such homes, as they collect minimum dust, and a simple wipe down on a regular basis will keep them dust-free, clean and looking new, while with curtains, sometime cleaning them can be quite the hassle.

Curtains are a very popular choice of window treatment and many home owners like them because they are very versatile and can tone down or brighten up the room as they please. Curtains add a touch of class to the design and style of the home, and you can change its look with different fabrics and curtain styles. For those homes with curtains in Sydney however, most times they can be overlooked during regular cleaning, and thus may end up collecting a lot of dust and dirt. Curtains, since they are made of large amounts of fabric, naturally collect dust and even absorb odours. While a regular vacuuming is good to keep them clean, curtains should be deep cleaned at least every 3-6 months, but would need more regular cleaning if you are prone to allergies, if you have smokers in the house or if you live by the sea. Curtains can be deep cleaned in two ways, depending on the fabric:

Machine wash – If your curtains allow for a machine wash, then you should pick a nice hot sunny day to wash them, since they need to be dried out in the sun. A gentle machine wash cycle is recommended for curtains, and remember that the curtains will need to be ironed out while they are still slightly damp, and hang them up again immediately to avoid them getting wrinkled. Of course, as we said before, curtains contain a lot of fabric and sometimes machine washing them at home may prove to be very difficult and a cumbersome task.

Dry Cleaning – Getting a professional to clean your curtains may be one of the best options available to keep your curtains clean and looking nice, especially if they are made of delicate materials like silks or linen. Those curtains that have any stubborn stains may also need a professional wash or dry cleaning to get them out.
Blinds on the other hand can be much more favourable for those who have allergies, as they collect a very minimum amount of dust and dirt. However, a regular cleaning, at least one a week, is necessary to keep them looking nice and new. Blinds are generally easy to clean, since you can vacuum them if they are made of fabric, or wipe them with a damp cloth to remove any dust that may have gathered on them. However, for those homes with slatted blinds, it may not be that easy a job. The best way to clean them is to use a microfibre cloth or cleaning mitt, or an old sock, which should be dampened and put on your hand, so that you can reach both sides of the slat in one go. Always use warm soapy water for cleaning blinds, and never use any chemicals as these can damage the materials and paint etc. For stubborn stains and dirt, you can use a solution of one part vinegar and three parts water to clean them, using a clean microfibre cloth, towel or old sock.

Shutters in Sydney are also a very popular type of window treatment, and provide an elegant and stylish ambiance for the home. However, if neglected, shutters can get discoloured and stains and dirt may not go away easily after some time. Hence it is recommended that shutters should be wiped down with a damp cloth at least once a week, to remove any daily dust or dirt that might be on it. Certain chemicals can damage your shutters or fade the colouring; hence it is not recommended to use any chemicals for cleaning. Usually, warm soap water is the best, however if there are any stubborn stains, then a mild detergent is recommended.

When looking to clean your window treatments, always check on the manufacturer’s recommendation because certain materials may need special care.

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