Personal Growth: Test Your Level of Self-Esteem

If you could ever become fully aware of how you talk to yourself and talk about yourself to the world, you’d be shocked. We’re all guilty of this to some small degree, but for many their self-talk is debilitating. Take this personal growth quiz to see what you believe about yourself Matses. What you find out may change your life in an instant.

Every day I hear people from all walks of life saying things that literally cut them off from their own personal growth and total abundance. Things like, “I just can’t seem to get ahead,” or “I can’t believe I always do such stupid things.” Hearing those things is such a shame because it’s so unnecessary.

If you were fully aware of how you talk to yourself and talk to the world about who you are, you’d be shocked. We’re all guilty of this to some small degree, but for many their self-talk is debilitating.

Take a minute to answer these questions:

Are you talking yourself out of living your fullest life with the self-concept you’ve created?

Who do you tell yourself you are with your self-talk?

Which of the following scenarios is closest to your self-talk? Maybe you are saying to yourself, “This is the year I’m going straight to the top,” “This is the year I become a superstar,” or “I’ve got everything going for me and this is my year.” Or you could be telling yourself, “Things don’t look like they’re going to be much better this year; in fact it might be a little worse than last year,” “Maybe it’s time for some belt tightening; I don’t want to take any chances,” or even “You never know what could happen, better to be safe than sorry.”

Is there any doubt in your mind which of these examples shows the confidence that will build self-esteem, and which are the ones that demonstrate low self-esteem?

Here are a couple more personal development questions in follow-up:

Which type of self-talk creates a better atmosphere for personal success and living an abundant life?

What do you think is the difference in income and professional development between people with these two types of self-talk?

What goals do you think each of these people possesses?

Who is having more fun and excitement?

Who do you want to be?

Your level of self-esteem sets the personal success bar for everything about you. Every decision you make is filtered through your self-concept. Your self-concept is the out-picturing of your self-esteem.

Take a look at just eight reflections of your level of self-esteem:

Your career choice

Your friends

Your primary relationship with another

Your level of income

Your home

Your car

Your free time and hobby choices

Your vacations

Changing what you believe about yourself will change your life in an instant.

Build self-esteem and you will build your self-concept. But, your self-concept requires attention and care to be maintained. It’s not as simple as saying you feel good about yourself and that’s the end of it.

Do you know that your self-talk comes at the rate of a magazine page of text every single minute of the day? That’s a lot of talking to yourself! If you fill your mind with positive input, it’s a pretty good bet that most of your self-talk will also be positive and foster personal and professional growth.

Use this personal growth quiz to become aware of your self-talk. By changing what you say to yourself and transforming what you believe about your personal success, you will automatically build self-esteem.

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